In nature and timber framing, there is a lot to loose if your design is not perfect. Trees fall without stiff trunks and strong roots. An uplifting mountain range will crumble quickly if she is unable to neatly stack her layers through time. To survive the test of time, successful objects in nature must use successful shapes, such as lines, triangles, and circles. The very essence of designing and building with heavy timber must be modeled after the successes and failures of these geometric shapes found in the natural world. Without sacred geometric rules to follow, trees would not defy wind, mountains would not be tall, or a timber framed barn would not last for over two hundred years. The great barn timber framers of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries knew this concept of shape and design well. By using scale and proportions they were able to construct timber buildings, sometimes with very large roof spans without even using a tape measure. Since the industrial revolution, many of these great building smarts and styles have been lost in translation from generation to generation. Fortunately, their legacies of design have lasted for centuries and are still standing for us to look at, learn from, and ultimately recreate. By restoring many of these timber framed legacies of design and build, Axe Handle Timber has been working hard to learn from and recreate strong structures while using these tried and true timber framing methods for their customers.

Since Axe Handle Timber began building timber structures where level one earthquake code is required, we have learned to incorporate the standards that structural engineers of today are demanding. For example, we have hidden steel plates and steel bolts at the major connection points of heavy timber trusses. Axe Handle Timber has learned to utilize the newest tools of the trade. These tools allow us to hasten the time frame of the project to match today’s fast paced building schedules. Axe Handle Timber is fully committed to building the best possible timber structures by combining the best of both old and new timber methods.

Axe Handle Timber works with the client, architect, structural engineer, timber mill or timber recycler, and various sub contractors to help keep the project focused on building quality structures. Axe Handle Timber loves the work that we are a part of and are fully committed to making sure that each project is exactly as our client envisioned. Let Axe Handle Timber bring to your project a combination of old style timber joinery with new world structure to your timber frame dream home or workplace.

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