Since we have been in business, Axe Handle Timber has tried to purchase timbers from companies that use safe forest practice codes or sell reclaimed and recycled hand hewn timbers. Whenever possible, Axe Handle Timber purchases timbers from mills that use sustainable harvesting methods. An example of sustainable harvesters is found within the British Columbia Safe Forest Practice Code and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Harvesters of these Codes select single trees that have been through their reproductive cycle in stands of trees that are fully matured. By selectively harvesting individual trees instead of clear cutting forests, the ecosystem that trees come from are left intact compared to clear cutting. Slash from the tree (limbs and leaves) are strewn about the area to create detritus and nutrients for future trees to grow and flourish. For every tree that is cut, at least four more are replanted. The code even requires harvesting timber on non rainy days which ultimately reduces the amount of erosion and stress placed on the ecosystem and the rivers. Yes, Axe Handle Timber may use trees from the forest to build their timber frames, but as sustainable builders, we make timber frame structures that will last for generations. Using good building practices seems to us to be the only way forward in future sustainable architecture. As new methods and materials come available to us, Axe Handle Timber is committed to staying “green.”

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